Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shawls as Curtains

I am not a lace person. I don't like things that are fussy, frilly, or girly and, to me, lace falls in all of these categories. I like sporty, functional and even a little trendy.

That said... I wanted to knit something in lace. Really, I want to knit a little of everything, so I suppose this isn't a surprise. I keep seeing all these beautiful shawls in yarn stores, online patterns, blogs, etc, and I want one. Not for me, personally, but maybe for a dresser, or something...

Then it strikes me. Curtains! Shawls as curtains. Okay, I know Mason-Dixon knitting said that this was improbable, but I'm not looking for something that will give me complete privacy. I want to knit a lacy shawl to hang above my pretty, luminous white curtains.

But what pattern? The 'Here Be Dragons' pattern is gorgeous. Beautiful. But, is it a good first shawl pattern? It looks really, really complicated. The yarn harlot's snow drop shawl is pretty, and so it knit picks faroese peaks shawl and I love the way it looksin variegated wool. Suddenly, I'm dying to do one in variegated yarn, if I can find the right colors (you know, blue, green and grey. Like everything else in my house.) Leprechaun and blue jeans are nice. It would require for skeins, at 440 yds/$4 each. I also really like Memories (Yukon, Fly Fishing, even rocky mountain dusk) but it's fingering weight. Could I substitute?

Googling faroese shawls brings more problems. They all seem to have neck shaping, which makes for a more comfortable shawl, but silly looking on a window. And, I don't want to have to alter the pattern. I know, I say this everytime, but I mean it. No alterations (See, it's documented in writing now).

My Google travels led me to another sidetrack.

It's gorgeous. It's beautiful. It's from the Pacific NW. It looks really, really, really hard.

Maybe a practice shawl would be a good idea.

So, I bought that pattern, and downloaded the snow drops pattern. I've decided to do the Snow Drops in undyed Knit Picks merino lace weight as a Christmas present for my husband's grandmother (don't worry, she won't read this, she doesn't like blogs).

Then... the Pacific NW shawl.

I can't wait!

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