Saturday, July 21, 2007

More fun with Kool Aid

I had an extra skein of undyed sock yarn just lying around. So, while the kids were kind enough to simultaneously nap on Thursday, what could I do but get it out and dye it?

I wanted something that I could use in a pair of Christmas socks for my mom. I initially thought purple and green would be best, but really wanted a third color. And, I wasn't terribly happy with the way the grape had turned out in my previous experiment. I wanted a good, throbbingly royal purple. So I decided to try for three types of green. Which is difficult when all you have is lemon lime and jars not really big enough to get all the yarn saturated with dye.

When it was all done and dried, I didn't like it. You couldn't tell the difference between the two darker shades. So, in a moment of weakness, I went back to purple. Only, overdying with the purple left and really unpleasant, almost-brown. So, I committed to the brown and am really happy!

Also, I hadn't yet posted these pictures...

Baby socks knit in the yarn from my last experiment with Kool Aid dying. Since the dye didn't penetrate all the yarn (bigger jars, anyone?) I decided to try overdying in blue. The result was... okay. I don't really like what it did to the strawberry color. But, they're already too small for little dude, so it's all academic.

More later... Now, I have to go pick up my new Harry Potter book and finish up some socks I started in Ann Budd's Toe up pattern from Summer 07 Interweave Knits (more on that later).

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