Monday, September 10, 2007

A Destined Winter Sweater

The weather has turned. I hate hot weather and I love this time of year. Time to bring in the plants, shut some of the windows and turn off some of those noisy, noisy fans. And, break out the sweaters. Little B has, as kids will, outgrown all her sweaters from last winter and thus given my the perfect excuse to knit another one. I had planned accordingly and ordered yarn for the Pinwheel sweater months ago. I loved Knit Picks swish superwash so much when I knit the Durrow, that I ordered four more colors of that (Wisteria, Coast Grey, Deep Ocean and Dublin). Great. I had a plan. As soon as the Durrow was finished, I cast on for the Pinwheel.

I was up that whole night, worrying about it (and other things... I'm a worrier). Did it look too girly? Would it be warm enough? I knit another few rows the next day because, dammit, it was what I planned. I felt like a bride who had invited all this yarn to a wedding then wanted to cancel.

The sweater sat. And sat. And I knit socks and missed having a sweater to work on. When I found a mistake in the increasing, I was thrilled. I frogged the whole thing immediately, and loved every minute of it. Only now I had four colors of yarn and needed a toddler sweater asap. It suggested colorwork, but I have a deep and abiding hatred of weaving in ends. Passionate. There's a story there, and it's why I quit knitting for years.

But, there's no point in having demons if you don't face them, so I cast on. Not for a sweater, but for a hat. It's a smaller commitment. I took the gauge from the Durrow (same yarn, same needles) did a little math and cast on. I picked some pretty patterns from the Vogue Stitchionary and started. I got this far before I realized that, gee, it seemed to be pretty big. I tried it on little B's head and it slipped right down. I tried it on Will, and it bagged. I didn't try it on myself because I have a huge head and it probably would have fit and mademe feel self conscious. So I took some measurements of my daughter and the actual size of the knitting.

Guess what? It's a sweater after all.

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