Wednesday, September 5, 2007

FO: Durrow Sweater

I have finished my first adult sized sweater! It's the Durrow from Magknits, with several adjustments. Instead of knitting it in pieces, for instance, I converted it to EZ's seamless saddle shoulder pattern and did the entire thing in the round. It's in Knit Picks swish superwash in Dublin. The only thing that I would change is to continue the cabling pattern further than the pattern called for. Doing the repeats called for, it ended before the shoulder turning. I could have gotten in maybe two more repeats (and I don't think my husband has excessively long arms - he's never looked like a gorilla to me!).

I finished the sweater this weekend and have been dying to blog it. Only, between his long commute and taking care of our newborn, my hubby hasn't had much chance to model it. So...

I took a turn:
Sweet Pea took a turn:

And Little Dude even took a turn.

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