Thursday, September 27, 2007

I love this scarf

Why do you knit? I once saw something that asked knitters to classify themselves as 'production' or 'process' knitters and the question has plagued me since. Process knitters do it just for the activity - don't care about the end product. Product knitters... well, I won't sport with your intelligence. You can probably figure it out from there.

I knit to stay calm, focused, busy and productive. I knit in the car, when the kids are asleep, when visiting with friends or on the phone. So, that's a process knitter, right? I feel a little crazy if I'm not productive. And I like to wear (or see people wearing) things that I made. That's a product knitter, right? Meh. I couldn't decide.

In comes ravelry and all its inspiration. I've been casting on all kinds of beautiful, complicated things that I know will be beautiful. The product knitter in me was thrilled. Just thrilled.

But none of it could be knit in the dark, or during a conversation, or without a chart. Then, I'd just have to sit there with idle hands. My process knitter was crying inside (okay, that's a little overly dramatic, but you get the idea). So, while I was entering my stash into ravelry (there's that word again!) I found this yarn. I had bought it on a total whim to make a scarf for my daughter, who likes soft fuzzy things. I cast on, with no pattern, to just do in my spare time. You know, when there was no serious knitting.

Guess what? I love it. No patterns, no chart, no purling, no counting. Just mindless knitting.

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tiennieknits said...

Pretty scarf! I think I'm both - a process (learning something new) and a product (yippee! an FO!) knitter. Aren't we all to some extent?