Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kitty Limbo

In my first order from knit picks (there have been many, many more) I got two skeins of Memories sock yarn in fly fishing. When it came, I was so enchanted with the colors that I took about a dozen pictures of the yarn. It was the first thing that I put on both my swift and my ball winder. I knew it was destined to be my first pair of socks. I cast on. I knit and knit and knit. I knit while walking, while reading papers for my dissertation, while thinking about my dissertation, while collecting data for my dissertation. I came to hate those socks. Maybe it was the pooling, as evidenced by the picture, or maybe it was all the association with my dissertation. So, I tried the yarn on monkey socks. Still pooling. I rolled it into a ball and stuffed it back in the stash. disgruntled.

Yesterday I pulled it back out to sit in my knitting bax, awaiting inspiration. Maybe a hat. Maybe gloves. It sat there, looking at me, until today when my daughter found the perfect use for it.

Kitty limbo. She's strung it out around the house, wrapped around anything even remotely ankle level. I caught our bigger cat, Zoe, trying to maneuver her 20+ pounds out of the spare room, only to be foiled by the flyfishing yarn. If it weren't discontinued, I'd suggest that they should rename it catfishing.

In other, non-knitting news, Liam has discovered his tongue. See? There it is.

Now, I have to go rescue my cat and rewind my yarn.


Tama said...

I am on the Western slope. What science field are you going into? I love science! especially chemistry and geology!

My dog is the one I have to watch my yarn with. She has gotten into more than once and strung it around the house. I finally made her a couple of those felted wool balls and stuffed it full of angora (which is why she gets into my yarn--she thinks she smells a rabbit). She hasn't messed with my yarn since.

Tikabelle said...

He's beautiful! And the yarn is beautiful. Yay!