Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It came. The nice mailman came and brought that for which I've been waiting. This:

And, another box, which ahs remained unphotographed. If you can see the sticky little toddler hands in the top of that photo, you can see why the second one remains in its box (for now).

What's the occasion? My incipient graduation from grad school. As I have transitioned from the meager grad student salary to the nonexistent stay at home mom/aspiring writer salary, I'm on a strict yarn diet. Very strict, and very sad. (Did you just go look at my ravelry stash? Shame on you! I'm, um, just holding that yarn for a friend. Yeah... that's it). To help alleviate my woe and as an early graduation present, my mom bought my whole Knit Picks wishlist! What you can see in that picture is enough yarn for a baby sweater (already cast on), the last few skeins for a EZ fair isle yoke sweater (withe enough modifications to make EZ proud), the yarn for my super secret Christmas present and enough spare pairs of risata that I can keep making socks on the side. Whew! Oh, and...

I got the Harmony tips! I already have the metal ones, but the wooden ones are so pretty. And, now I can do two circulars in any size! Actually, sticking the wooden one on the right side and the metal on the left is pretty handy... helps the stitches slip off that side and yet stay where they're supposed to! (Is this rationalization? Probably. But try it :)

And that super secret box? The recommended yarn for the Cinnabar Pullover from Fall 07 IK. I let my mom pick whichever IK sweater she wanted for Christmas, and that was it. I pulled a skein out of the box long enough to pet it and, man, is it soft. I even made my husband pet it, though he didn't seem to have the same appreciation. I haven't cast on yet, but I'll keep you posted.


Tikabelle said...

So funny story: my dad called last night and said that he saw your mom at the airport! Apparently they discussed us quite thoroughly; he knew all about your 2 wee-sma's and your fabulous husband. The long and short of it is, your mom told my dad who told me that you are done with your PhD! The Gastineau Gossip Channel is clearly alive and well. Congrats, Briellen!

tiennieknits said...

Whata great momma! Enjoy enjoy all that new yarn and needles!