Thursday, November 15, 2007

Big Gifts

Today I bring you pictures of what has only been hinted at previously. Big Christmas Gifts.

The first Big Gift is for my husband's grandmother (GIL? What's the netspeak on that one?). It's the Icarus Shawl in KP bare merino lace weight. It's actually a blast to knit. It's gone from my 'concentrating chart knitting' to my 'brainless, watching Disney knitting'. It's coming out smaller than I was hoping, probably because I'm a tight knitter and used the recommended needle size instead of automatically going up one. And, by tight, I mean I hold onto the needles like Kublai Khan is going to charge through with his hordes and rip them, and all my wool, from my clenching hands. That kind of tight.

The second Big Gift is for my mom. This one isn't a surprise, it's more of a commission, as she picked the pattern and bought the yarn. I finally have pictures of the Cinnabar Pullover from IK Fall 07. I have arrived at the split for the arms and am just waiting on her for a final measurement of how far she would like it. (We're kind of shortwaisted. Not stumpy. Short waisted). I'm using the recommended yarn, Karabella Margrite. I'm even using the recommended color, cinnabar (How'd you guess?)

I love this yarn. It's the yarn version of lazing on a velvet divan while cabana boys feed you peeled grapes. It also costs about as much as hiring said boys, which is why she bought the yarn.

I also have a small little project currently teetering on the edge of failure. I'm only going to show it if it works out.

In other news, Liam is working on crawling. It mostly involves flailing around on his belly while squeaking, but I find it incredibly endearing. And Brenna is in the throes of pony-craziness. It's my little pony everything. And I'm secretly enjoying every minute of it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go cast on some Fetching. They look like they'll only take about a nanosecond to finish. And, with all these big projects, I'm looking for a little FO payoff.


Becky Durham said...

You're much more talented than I am. I tried to make a scarf a few years ago that that did not end well.

Your children are beautiful!

Tikabelle said...

My place is Portland. Probably HIllsboro, actually, but Portland-area. I plan to throw myself at the feet of Tina at BMFA and beg for a job licking envelopes while flashing my Art History BA and a portfolio of Dye Trying yarn.

I don't know any beta readers. But if you send me your MS, I'll pass it along should I find any! ;)

tiennie said...

What cuties!