Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Skein(s)

There it is. Well, that's actually the third product of my drop spindle, but all three look pretty much like that. I may flatter myself that this one has less over-twisting and big, bulky parts, but I think it's just flattery.

The question is... What do I do with them? Three skeins. Not enough for a sweater. I'm at a loss.

I do have dye, too... All the tools, none of the inspiration.



Hennyfair said...

WOW! I'm so impressed! I remember y'all knitting back in the UE days (whilst I would do my cross-stitching!) but you have gotten SO incredibly good! I was looking at the pics you have linked on here and my mouth was gapping open. You are so talented! It's all so pretty!

Congrats on getting your PhD work complete, also! That's such an accomplishment!

Tikabelle said...

How about some PNW colors to remind you of home-ish? Like blue spruce and that lavendar the skies turn right before it snows over the ocean.

I admire your diligence. I get about 10 yards with my drop spindle and then can't stand it anymore and ply it. I have about 6 10-yard skeins of yarn... completely useless.