Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Graduation, my Future and, of course, Christmas knitting

A week ago today I turned in my PhD dissertation as the last step towards graduation. It took hours to get all the pagination correct and everyone from the bindery to the graduate school to be happy with it, but now its done. Whew.

And, now that graduation is more of a certainty and less of a threat, our condo is on the market. The market isn't doing so well, but it's up there and we're waiting for the right person to come along and buy our adorable, well loved condo. I wish we could just pick it up and move it the 80 miles to my husband's job, but I guess condos don't work that way. At least, our neighbors would probably mind since it would leave a big, gaping hole in the building.

All this cleaning, scrubbing and typing called for some therapy knitting, but in knitting-time, Christmas is just around the corner. I've finished the interweave December Lights tam for my MIL: (I don't think Alison reads the blog, but if you are... Look away!!!!)

It's currently being modeled by my 2 yr old, who has the same size head as her grandmother. This counts as my first (successful), finished colorwork project. And I loved every minute of knitting it.

Some I-Cord gloves for a friend. If you've ever kind of wanted to knit gloves but been intimidated by them, then you must check out this pattern. They were totally easy, therapy knitting and took me even less time than a pair of socks.

Speaking of socks, none of those are on the needles right now. Well, except for the Austrian ones from Favorite Socks, but they're waiting until after Christmas. What I do have on the needles are the Cinnabar pullover and the Icarus shawl, both from Interweave (sorry for the ravelry links, but they're all I've got for those patterns right now). They're both coming along at a nice little clip, though I did stumble on the linen stitch at the beginning of the cinnabar pullover. I'm starting to itch to cast on a new gift, though. We'll see what that is.

So, other than caring for two babies, writing a dissertation, selling our first place and knitting all my Christmas gifts, what else has been occupying my time, you may ask. Well, I've written a book. It has nothing to do with knitting, graduate school or science and I love it. Desperately. So I got the Novel and Short Story writer's market from the library and am looking for an agent. More particularly, I'm writing something called a query letter. I know nothing about the publishing industry and I'm excited and terrified all at once. I'll let you know how it goes.


tiennie said...

OMGosh you've been quite busy! Congrats on finishing your dissertation. I hope all goes well with your home sale. Pretty hat!

Tikabelle said...

Dude. I hate you a little. Why you gotta be so fabulous? Shit.