Thursday, January 31, 2008

2007 in Review

It's just like me... A whole post about what's coming up, and not a word of what's gone before. Without further ado, here's what I did in 2007:

1. Had Liam. It's a biggie. And he's a total sweetheart, if a bit squidge-tastic at this point. And, maybe, our last baby.

2. Got my PhD. Another biggie. I think Will would like me to promise to not take any more classes in 2008, but we'll see.

3. Knit a lot of firsts. First gloves, first socks, first adult sweater. Had a lot of fun doing it.

Coming up: Facorite 2007 knit, Time Machine Tuesday (idea courtesy of Alli), and where has my camera cable gone?!?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


While most of you probably started taking stock of 2007 and making plans for 2008, I wasn't planning much beyond which box to pack next. So, here's a list of my 2008 goals:

1. Write (and send) a query letter for my manuscript. I know I started in December, but I totally chickened out.

2. Knit enough socks to keep my family sock self-sufficient. Four of us, with 10 pairs... that's almost enough to complete the 52 pair plunge. And, before you ask, I'm already behind.

3. Keep better track of the cute things that the kids are doing. I can hardly believe Brenna's already almost 3 and there's so many cute things that they both do.

4. Knit from stash yarn. For those of you non-knitting types, this means that I have boxes of yarn taking up valuable square footage and yet still feel the need to buy more. Part of me thinks that this is silly and I should use up at least a box worth before I buy any more. Another part of my cries when I think that.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Philly, part deux

It looks like we might be a little light on knitting content for a few days (weeks?). Knitting is going forward, but other things are taking center stage.

As my last (rather brief) post said, we've arrived in Philly. We're in temporary housing which is both fun and frustrating. It's a little like camping, but with all your stuff in the basement. And a roof. And a bed. Okay, so it's very little like camping, except for the dirt and the heat that goes in and out.

Much of the stuff is staying packed in the basement until we find a permanent place, which is leaving odd holes in our lives. For instance, our camera is unpacked, but none of its accessories. The power cord and transfer cable are MIA, rendering the camera mostly useless. But Brenna's got her ponies and her crayons, so life is mostly acceptable.

More to come in the next few posts: searching for a place, settling in, and my moving sweater.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here in Philly

Just wanted to let everyone know that we've all arrived safely in Philly. The plane ride with a baby and a toddler was... interesting and now we're working on unpacking everything. The knitting is, of course mostly unpacked and more updates will come.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Boxing Day Hat

I knit this hat in one day - boxing day, while playing with the kids and hanging out with relatives. For the record shortest knit, it's also getting some of the most wear, because Little Dude wears it every time we leave the house.

The pattern is improvised. It includes spiral 6x increases, fair isle band and short-row ear flaps. Seed stitch band, but no tassels, because I didn't want him choking on them.

Baby Bastille

And now for an FO...

I finished this in December, but things were too crazy to post the details. It's Leigh Radford's Cafe Bastille Cable sweater, modified to fit a 6 month old. I loved this sweater, but my husband deemed it 'too intricate' for him. But, the little dude hasn't had time to get picky about his clothes (yet).

I switched the cable to a one stitch cable in all places, did a one stitch twisted cable on either side and filled in the rest with seed stitch. I bound off the front and back, then knit on a shoulder strap. The sleeves are a little shorter than normal, because he gets frustrated (read: screams) when he can't use his new found hands.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Little did I know, when I first moved to the Front Range, that it was home to some fabulous fiber resources. Then, I was on knitting-hiatus, thanks to lack of funds and two wool-crazed kitties. That, of course has changed. Now that we're moving, I'm totaling up the things that I'm going to miss about the area. As far as knitting goes, it's this place, where (most) of the people are completely friendly, their pattern selection is *enormous*, their spinning fiber is beautiful and soft, and my daughter learned how to appropriately 'pet' yarn instead of pull and squeeze (she's 2, and it was a big step). There, Maggie Casey taught me how to use a drop spindle on a busy saturday afternoon and I can find the perfect buttons for just about anything. In fact, every saturday that I'm in there, it's crazy-busy and most of the people have a smile and ready laugh. It's just that kind of place. The reason that we're only in there on Saturdays, is that it's an hour drive from my house. But it's worth it.

We made the trek again this weekend. All this packing is making me reassess the true extent of my stash, so I didn't come away with any yarn. What I did come away with was this (I couldn't find a better, non-ravelry link). How did I not have this before? I read it in the car on the way out, and my husband couldn't restrain his laughter after the fourth time I said "I've been wanting to knit a sweater exactly like this! I didn't know this pattern existed!". So, my queue is longer and my library is much enhanced. And, I will miss Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins.

Until we come back to visit, that is :)