Thursday, January 10, 2008

Baby Bastille

And now for an FO...

I finished this in December, but things were too crazy to post the details. It's Leigh Radford's Cafe Bastille Cable sweater, modified to fit a 6 month old. I loved this sweater, but my husband deemed it 'too intricate' for him. But, the little dude hasn't had time to get picky about his clothes (yet).

I switched the cable to a one stitch cable in all places, did a one stitch twisted cable on either side and filled in the rest with seed stitch. I bound off the front and back, then knit on a shoulder strap. The sleeves are a little shorter than normal, because he gets frustrated (read: screams) when he can't use his new found hands.

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tiennie said...

What a cute little sweater!