Wednesday, January 30, 2008


While most of you probably started taking stock of 2007 and making plans for 2008, I wasn't planning much beyond which box to pack next. So, here's a list of my 2008 goals:

1. Write (and send) a query letter for my manuscript. I know I started in December, but I totally chickened out.

2. Knit enough socks to keep my family sock self-sufficient. Four of us, with 10 pairs... that's almost enough to complete the 52 pair plunge. And, before you ask, I'm already behind.

3. Keep better track of the cute things that the kids are doing. I can hardly believe Brenna's already almost 3 and there's so many cute things that they both do.

4. Knit from stash yarn. For those of you non-knitting types, this means that I have boxes of yarn taking up valuable square footage and yet still feel the need to buy more. Part of me thinks that this is silly and I should use up at least a box worth before I buy any more. Another part of my cries when I think that.

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