Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Little did I know, when I first moved to the Front Range, that it was home to some fabulous fiber resources. Then, I was on knitting-hiatus, thanks to lack of funds and two wool-crazed kitties. That, of course has changed. Now that we're moving, I'm totaling up the things that I'm going to miss about the area. As far as knitting goes, it's this place, where (most) of the people are completely friendly, their pattern selection is *enormous*, their spinning fiber is beautiful and soft, and my daughter learned how to appropriately 'pet' yarn instead of pull and squeeze (she's 2, and it was a big step). There, Maggie Casey taught me how to use a drop spindle on a busy saturday afternoon and I can find the perfect buttons for just about anything. In fact, every saturday that I'm in there, it's crazy-busy and most of the people have a smile and ready laugh. It's just that kind of place. The reason that we're only in there on Saturdays, is that it's an hour drive from my house. But it's worth it.

We made the trek again this weekend. All this packing is making me reassess the true extent of my stash, so I didn't come away with any yarn. What I did come away with was this (I couldn't find a better, non-ravelry link). How did I not have this before? I read it in the car on the way out, and my husband couldn't restrain his laughter after the fourth time I said "I've been wanting to knit a sweater exactly like this! I didn't know this pattern existed!". So, my queue is longer and my library is much enhanced. And, I will miss Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins.

Until we come back to visit, that is :)

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Tikabelle said...

Where are you moving to??