Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Philly, part deux

It looks like we might be a little light on knitting content for a few days (weeks?). Knitting is going forward, but other things are taking center stage.

As my last (rather brief) post said, we've arrived in Philly. We're in temporary housing which is both fun and frustrating. It's a little like camping, but with all your stuff in the basement. And a roof. And a bed. Okay, so it's very little like camping, except for the dirt and the heat that goes in and out.

Much of the stuff is staying packed in the basement until we find a permanent place, which is leaving odd holes in our lives. For instance, our camera is unpacked, but none of its accessories. The power cord and transfer cable are MIA, rendering the camera mostly useless. But Brenna's got her ponies and her crayons, so life is mostly acceptable.

More to come in the next few posts: searching for a place, settling in, and my moving sweater.

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tiennie said...

I hope you get a permanent place soon and get settled!