Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Moving Sweater

It's finished. It's been finished for almost two weeks, but I'm finally getting around to blogging it. This is my moving sweater.

I knit it seamlessly from the top down, so the colorwork yoke was the first part to be finished. From that point on, it was stockinette all the way, baby. I knit it between packing boxes, while running all kinds of moving errands and in between all the other busy-ness of moving. It was completely and totally soothing.

The yarn is elegance, from knit picks and was really nice to work with. While alpaca come sometimes make me itch, the silk makes it very soft and it has a nice drape.

The pattern is Elizabeth Zimmerman's Fair Isle Yoke Sweater, from the Opinionated Knitter. I prefer wider necks, so I omitted the first round of color work and really like the way it turned out. I had initially thought I would make a cardigan, but didn't have time to plan in steeking stitches. I may still give it a shot, but haven't decided yet.


Tikabelle said...

I like it! You've always looked good in that stormy-grey sky color. Hey, SOAR is in PA this year. We should go.

tiennie said...

It's wonderful!

serenknitity said...

That looks great, the colours really suit you.

Amelia said...