Friday, February 8, 2008

Super Secret Project, part I

This is a 2007 Christmas project that didn't even get cast on in 2007. In fact, not until February of 2008. But, it's a great idea for a good friend, so I wanted to devote enough time to it.

Now that I've finished up my moving therapy sweater, I wanted to start another big project. I still have sleeves and socks, but nothing big. So, it's time for the Super Secret Project. I found the yarn, but the pattern is another question.

This brings the question: how do I organize my patterns? I have two kinds; those that come in books or magazines and those that come loose. The books and magazines go on a shelf (now in a box) and the loose leaf ones go in a drawer. For the sake of this project, I got very excited when, in the unpacking, I found the drawer (it also doubles as a night stand, so that was a bonus). Only, in a fit of moving, I took the handles off of the drawer.

So, once I find the handle, I can start knitting again. Sigh.

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