Friday, March 28, 2008

Jersey Socks

Several weeks ago, we went to New Jersey for the first time. Instead of getting any knick knacks (or whacked by Tony Soprano, as my husband was predicting) I got... souvenir yarn! We went to a cute little LYS and I let my daughter pick out a color way (thus, a toddler size version is also on the way).

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet (ravelry link)

I would have to rate this a mediocre yarn. It wasn't terribly soft, but the finished sock is quite cozy. It also seems a little thicker than the other fingering weights that I've been using lately. That said, the color changes are frequent, which I like, because I had almost no pooling. I had only 3 or 4 stitches per color, and that made these a fun, fast knit. Though you can't tell from the pictures, these are much taller than my normal socks. We were listening to the end of Robert Jordan's Shadow Rising, and I totally got carried away in stockinette. I was so into it, I'm surprised my gauge didn't change!

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