Friday, April 25, 2008

The List Revamp

This is a knitting blog and I love knitting. But I don't blog as much as I like, or feel I should. Why? Because there's lots more that I do and lots more that I want to write about. So... Time for a revamp!

The new theme is lists. I love lists. Here we go!

Reasons I love Lists:
1. No pesky segues
2. I can write about anything, and not worry about how it relates to knitting
3. I can still write about knitting.
4. I don't have to worry about coherent paragraph structure while being interrupted 50 times by the kids.
5. They're organized and tidy. I love that.

1 comment:

Tikabelle said...

Coherent paragraph structure is highly over-rated (see Largely Unrepeatable).

Are you going to SOAR? I sent in my scholarship app so maybe I'll get to see you in Oct.!