Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blankity Blank Blank Blank

Count 'em. Four blanks. That's how many sock blanks I had in my stash last week (they were a gift from my craft-enabling mom). I threw one in a pot of water to soak on Wednesday
morning, figuring I would give it a shot when the kids took their nap. The baby's nap didn't occur until that afternoon, so Sweet Pea and I were ready for some fun when he finally did fall asleep. I pulled the blank out of the water and we got to dying...

All four blanks found some dye that afternoon and, better yet, we had serious fun for several hours. She is quite the artist!

I knew I didn't want to knit socks straight from the blanks, because I wasn't totally sold on how they looked. So, I skeined them to see how they compared to yarn I had dyed in a hank...

(plastic toy bin lids courtesy of Ikea). As you can see, the dye didn't seem to penetrate through as well as on the hanks. Even the red one, a colorway I've called Cracked Clay, which soaked the longest is still fairly spotty. (More pictures can be seen here, under the sock blanks).

I'm reserving judgment until I see how they look knitted up (which I've already started). But, even if I have to overdye them all black (which I doubt), it'll be totally worth it to have had so much fun painting yarn with my girl.


tiennie said...

That's cool! I can't wait to see how they look as socks.

Anonymous said...

Before you got to the restaurant last night, I had mentioned that I had been having fun with the Sock Blanks. I have dyed two so far. I think the trick to getting the dye to saturate is to really mush (nice techinical term) it in with you hands. The first one that I did turned out great. I didn't mush it in as much on the second one and I have a lot of white. But, I happen to like the white showing through, so it is OK. I started knitting my first pair and I love the feel of the yarn.

Debbie F

Ilix said...

Really intresting, I haven't seen anyone dye and use these yet, just the KP's promo shots... can't wait to see how you do.