Sunday, June 15, 2008

For the Boys

Reasons why Will is sleeping in while I play Little People with our son at 8 on Sunday morning:

1. It's Father's day, a holiday that I finally get the chance to celebrate with someone.

2. He has never said 'you know, you could just buy a bag of socks at Target for less than half the price of that Koigu.'

3. He has never once actually said anything about the fact that I occasionally miss a navigational direction in the car due to a tricky lace pattern.

4. He takes the kids to the toy store, by himself, every Thursday so that I can go 'knit some friends' (which is what my daughter calls our weekly knit night).

5. He actually wears his hand knit sweater.

6. He took a new job halfway across the country so that I could stay home with our kids while they're babies.

7. He gets indignant at badly made Jane Austen movies.

8. He is currently suffering from poison ivy from trimming the hedges in our yard.

8a. His suggested solution to the poison problem was, when we move, to buy cashmere goats. (To eat the ivy and produce fiber). I kid you not. His idea, unprompted.


tiennie said...

Now that's a great guy!

Tikabelle said...

Awww, go DragonMan Will! I'm not coming to SOAR, but give your man and kiddies big hugs from me. I miss you guys!