Thursday, June 19, 2008

No more yarn for me!

I love planning. I love making lists. I love making lists of what I plan to do. Here it goes...

I may buy no more yarn until I finish the following:
1. Winter gloves for me. I love knitting stuff like this in the summer. It reminds me that it will get cool again.

2&3. Winter hats for both kids. Maybe another December Lights tam for Sweet Pea, because she loved the one I made for her grammie.

4. Winter earband for me, preferably to match my Latvian Mitts. I don't really wear hats, due to all my hair, so this will have to do.

5. Plain vanilla mittens for the kids.

6. Warm mittens for me, when fingering weight gloves just won't cut it. I'm dying to try some full Latvian Mittens, as per Lizbeth Upitis, but no buying definitely means no buying books. So... those will have to wait, too.

7. My graduation sweater. This one is tricky, as I'm trying to reinvent a way to turn cables with short rows. But, it should still be easier than my dissertation.

Until then, what am I working on? Hand dyed socks! My first attempt at using acid dyes came out wonderfully. I call it waterlillies and it's knitting up into some wonderfully cushy, comfy socks with a broken rib top.

For the bottom, I've used my own toe-up pattern. I've made several pairs with the pattern, and I love it. The heel is gusseted, with a faux heel flap and doesn't involve picking up any sts. I'm thinking about publishing it for free on ravelry. but I'm not sure if anyone would actually use it.

More details here.


Tikabelle said...

ME! I would use it! I like toe-up but I haven't found a good heel for it. So since i might have, in some alternative universe, BEEN your sister, hook me up! :D

Amelia said...

I love how that yarn turned out. I can't wait to see the final product.