Monday, June 9, 2008

This weekend, we packed our kids, more than sufficient snacks and toys into our bitty car and headed for Lancaster, PA. We had maps and plans and priorities and then had fun on our mostly improvised adventure. We did succeed in seeing our two top priorities - the central Market and a yarn store.

First, the central market. A market has been in place in downtown Lancaster since about 1730, and we had a blast looking through it. It was much, much bigger than our local farmers market and had all sort of great looking veggies and food. The heat, however, was nearly unbearable. We managed to see the whole thing, but left after buying a few Christmas presents and getting some lunch. Downtown Lancaster was also quite cute, reminding me of downtown Boulder and the Pearl Street mall, in places.

Next was the yarn store, Labadie Looms. As I'm not a weaver, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but they were great. The people were super friendly, they had knitting, spinning and weaving things. They had some nice, local hand painted yarns that tempted me, but I managed to get out with... More roving! More on that in a moment. Brenna also had a great time looking at spinning wheels, and decided that we need to get one. I agree whole heartedly.

Today, we broke out the spindles. I didn't immediately jump into the new Labadie Looms roving, but used the empty spindle on some beautiful purple, blue and black roving from Sitka. It's beautiful. Gorgeous. Pictures to come. And you know what? I can spin! It looks vaguely like yarn, not lumpy twine.

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