Saturday, August 30, 2008

Brand New Bag

Things I love about my new knitting bag:

1. I made it.
2. I didn't use a pattern, just designed it myself.
3. A major stashbuster
a. The lining is all fat quarters leftover from when I used to quilt
b. The notions were all in my drawer, except for the interfacing (which was the only thing I bought)
c. The outer bag is from an old pair of pants that I loved, but were never going to fit again because they were 10 sizes too big.
4. It's much lighter weight (and not as hot to carry in the summer) than my previous one (a felted Booga Bag).
5. It's my first completed project on my new(ish) sewing machine that was last year's Christmas present.
6. It has pocketses - two compartments (one for instructions and one for yarn and needles), plus a zipper pocket for notions and my wallet.
7. It's big enough to carry a complete sweater!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Frogging Friday

Projects I have Frogged today

1. A raglan sweater for my son that turned out to be more purple than blue

2. A half-completed Muir

3. My Wii Tank

4. Two socks, not paired, from my Sock Sampler project. I'm making a set of winter socks for my 3 year old. This is a fun way to try out Cat Bordhi's new sock-itectures from the New Pathways for Sock Knitters book without committing to full sized, adult socks. With a 3:1 frogged:successful ratio, this is a good thing.

Next up...

Stash with Panache.

Why, you may ask? Other than the usual boredom, misjdugements, etc, I have lost Weight. Lots. I won't go into the details just now, but both sweaters just won't fit. The last is in a discontinued yarn that I lurve, but it just hangs off of my shoulders. I want to wear that yarn all winter, but won't get a chance if I leave it knitted into an unwearable sweater. Today, I bit the bullet and frogged like crazy.