Monday, October 20, 2008

Christmas Lace Today

I have finished my first project from Victorian Lace today, almost before my copy of the book got here and the library demanded theirs back! This is the Large Rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern, though it's slightly less large than the directions. For the body, I cast on about half the number of stitches, to make more of a scarf and less of a stole. I plan on doing that for most of the VLT projects.

More details here.

She is now safely stowed away in my Christmas box. No, not in with all the ornaments, but the little box on the top shelf of my closet where I stash goodies year round, then delve in every December to start assembling Christmas presents.

Now, I need to take a little break from Christmas knitting because it's getting cold and my kids have already lost the hats I made for them last month!

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