Thursday, October 9, 2008

My New Obsession

When I do something, I do it fully. Whole heart, whole mind, whole attention. I may not do it for very long, but I do it totally. My current obsession -

For those of you not keeping track, that's the heavenly book, Victorian Lace Today and a whole pile of lace weight yarn. Wool, wool/silk and alpaca. I'm already most of the way through my first project, and at least 3 more planned for the immediate future. And I blame this:

Print o' the Wave stole by Eunny Jang, with a few modifications. Yarn is Knit Picks shadow in Juniper Heather. I loved knitting it.

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Tikabelle said...

Gorgeous! I love VLT. And AGoL. I'm oogling the Faux Russian Stole from AGoL right now, as a matter of fact. But it'll have to wait till after I get my stupid projects and papers done. WTF I'm ready to graduate already!