Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Hat Trick

After feeling like I never finish anything, I finished 3 projects last Sunday.

1. Pumpkin Hat (rav link) done in the Turn a Square pattern that I love. I have knit three of these so far and just adore them. Both the kids have one (Little Dude has 2) and I'm knitting another for my mom (shhh... don't tell). The photo at right shows my sone wearing it, doing his best brooklyn tweed impersonation.

2. My Hourglass sweater. It's still blocking, and I don't have pictures, and I'm not 100% satisfied that the neckline is actually done, but I'm counting it!

3. Seven Lucky Snowflakes. During our fabulous October cold snap, I had a thought process that went something like this: I need a hat! Wait, even though I don't have an MLS, I constantly wear my hair in a bun, so I never wear hats. I need an earband. Where's my stash? Right, I have a box full of Palette, that'll work. Oooh, stitch dictionary! Snowflakes are soooo pretty, I could put them on an earband. Oh, if I make it reversible, it would be doubly warm, and could have a green side and a blue side.

Two weeks later, the snow is way gone and I've finally got an earband. Blocking and soaking wet, but an earband. Hopefully it snows again soon!

And, after having a hockey reference in the title, I can't pass this up... While I still love Canada, after last night, I no longer feel compelled to move there at the first opportunity! Go voters! And thank you, Mr. Obama, for giving us a country we feel like we might soon be able to be proud of again.