Friday, January 23, 2009

Conversations with Toddlers

"Mommy, can I have coffee?"


"Mommy, can I set my juice on daddy's work laptop?"


"Mommy, can I take a ball of laceweight and tie the cat up with it?"


"Mommy, can I pull my chair over to the counter, rifle through the pen cup, get some scissors and chase my brother?"


"Mommy, can I use your Jane Austen/Star Wars/Alias Season 2 DVDs as Frisbees?"


"Mommy, can I stick your credit card, identification and frequent shopper cards into the VCR and watch us go shopping on the TV?"


"Mommy, can I play with my train toys?"

"No. Wait, what?"

Now, I'm paraphrasing some of the questions as my kids would just begin said activity, rather than ask, but it still illustrates my point. While I think rules are important for kids and I try to always stick by what I say, sometimes they fool me into saying something I don't mean. I didn't mean they couldn't play with trains, but they fooled me into saying it.

The other night, Little B asked me if she could play my DS (I got one for Christmas and she's wild for it). I said no because she had already played enough that day, and she asked again. And again. And I said no, and if she asked again she didn't get to play at all again for a day. Now, we've played this game and it hasn't worked before. She always asks again and always loses her privleges to whatever is at stake. She took one very serious (very tired) 3 year old look at me, opened her mouth, and I thought I knew what was coming. Instead, she said, "Can I play with dolls instead?"

I nearly wept for joy. Apparently some of this parenting stuff does stick, after all.

And now for some knitting. I still haven't found my size 5s, so the Ropes and Picots is just balls of yarn. I have 1.5 repeats left of the Citrus Vines, and I just how to bust out the 2nd skein. I still haven't used up the mystery yarn, but I'm thinking... matching mittens? But mostly... Is the Magickal Earth shawl too girly, with its unicorns? I think I'd like to hang it in my bedroom, because the colors of the yarn are perfect. But I don't want my 3 year old to steal it.

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Tikabelle said...

The unicorns are... a bit much. The rest of it I really like, but really? Unicorns?