Saturday, January 24, 2009

Countdown to Citrus Vines Completion

When I'm close to the end of a project, I like to finish it. The excitement builds as you see the end approaching, especially on a big project. Well, I've been trying to finish my Citrus Vines for a few days, but things keep cropping up. I invite to the final repeat of the pattern.

Row 1: Count the stitches that I have left to join. Am overjoyed when it exactly matching the number of stitches to join one repeat, despite not having counted when I picked up stitches

Row 3: Realize that two very patient children are waiting on me for their lunch and are no longer quite so patient.

Row 5: Get up at 7 am on Friday with the express purpose of knitting quietly with coffee for at least an hour.

Row 5: Am dismayed when little dude comes out less than five minutes later, crying, possibly woken up by the grinding of the coffee maker.

Row 7: Attempt another row around lunchtime, but am distracted enough to beautiful weather to take the kids for a walk.

Row 9: Get up early on Saturday, with the same plan as Row 3. Do not turn on coffee.
Knit back two rows because I am nothing without coffee. Vow to do better.

Row 11: Sweet pea wakes up early with a night mare. Snuggle her for a good long time until she feels better.

Row 13: Make coffee.

Row 15: Little dude wakes up.

Row 17: Fuel the kids with cereal and distract with legos until I can bind off! Pictures post-blocking!

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