Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Cord, No Sew Knucks

This is slightly out of order, but I wanted to share these on the blog, too. They've been finished for about a week and I love them. They are seen here with one of my collection/obsessions, the architecture mugs from Starbucks. We're slowly trying to collect ones from the places we've been, plus going new places to get them.

First project completed entirely in 2009!

While these are knucks in spirit, they take their construction entirely from nona’s I-cord gloves (a free blog pattern that I lurve). This had a few benefits over the original pattern.

  1. The I-cord fingers were super, super easy. I finished all 10 in a little over an hour.

  2. The bars across the back of the fingers, prior to picking up a stitch down the ladder, made it incredibly easy to get fingers the same length every time.

  3. The finger closure as you knit meant that I could also weave in ends as I knit, which made finishing much faster.

I had initially planned to do some embroidery on the back, but I love the yarn too much. These were a test to see if I would love the yarn, before I ordered a sweater’s amount of it. Now the question is… Tangled Yoke Cardi or Ropes and Picots first?

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Tikabelle said...

Very cute! I like them, and the color is very Brie. :)