Sunday, January 25, 2009

In which beautiful laceweight seeks its destiny

On further inspection, an entire border of unicorns is too much for me. While the Magickal Earth shawl is beautiful, I think something else is necessary. Any suggestions? I'm considering lace samplers from both AGoL and VLT, but am open to other suggestions. I prefer square or rectangular shawls/stoles.

On the lace front, I have been holding a knit picks order until the new Knitted Lace of Estonia becomes available. The rest of the order is filled with Telemark (and size 5 needles! I still can't find mine), and I am anxious to get them. Last night I think I talked myself out of the book, even at 40% off. There are only 14 patterns in it, less when I consider that I don't knit triangular shawls. As I knitted on my fourth project from VLT, I kept thinking about the different constructions that I had used, and fitting in different shapes or stitches. I found myself wishing I had a good stitch dictionary and wishing that I had gotten a Barbara Walker stitch dictionary for Christmas.

Then I remembered that I was a grown ass woman and could get it for myself. So... I think I'll be getting that instead!

Until then... thoughts about what to do with this:

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