Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Telemark Kids Mittens

Much knitting has been going on here, and much WoW, and lots of family time and all these leaves little time for blogging. My 30th birthday involved fun with the kids, good food and, eventually, yarn!

One of the things in my birthday Knit Picks order was a few skeins of Telemark, which is a sport weight, 100% wool that I have avoided until this point because it has been described as scratchy. So far, it's actually been really pleasant to knit with. It's sturdy, not terribly soft, but lacks lots of the sticky-out fibers (halo?) that make things feel itchy when I wear them. To celebrate, I knitted up a pair of mittens for the kids and a set of fingerless gloves with Selbuvotter cuffs for myself. Details on the mitts will be forthcoming. Until then, here's the pattern for the mittens (mostly for my future reference). One of these has already gone missing, so I'll be casting on for a 3rd soon.

Telemark Kids' Mittens
Size 4 Needles (2 circulars)
6 sts/inch

CO 35 sts. 5 rows of 1x1 rib. Knit 1 row.
thumb gusset: @7 sts, switched to inc every 3rd row.
At 11 sts in the gusset, begin working flat, back and forth, on the thumb.
Work 10 rows even.
(WS) Sl 1st st, p1, p2tog until last st, purl
(RS) Sl 1st st, k1, ssk until last st, knit
(WS) Sl 1st st, p2tog 2X, p1

Pick up a loop from either side of the thumb flap, k3tog, repeat until one live stitch remains and it's even with the live stitches of the hand. Before rejoining, move the yarn up to the needles along the side where the thumb is. Using the loose needle from the other side, swap a live st from each side to the other. This prevents holes at the join.

Hand: Work 10 rows even.
Dec row, both needles: k1, ssk, knit to 3 before end, ktog, k1.
Knit 1 round even.

Repeat these two rounds until 4 sts remain on the needles. You can kitchener them together, or do three needle bind-off. I opted for the 3 needle bind off, because I didn't have my tapestry needle handy!

And, if you've lasted this long, how about a picture of the little dude knitting?

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Tikabelle said...

Awww, he's so friggin' cute! I can tell he's trouble just by the glint in his eyes. I'm all jealous of your progress on the Scarf. I'll have to get my butt in gear and take the book in to copy the darned pattern! Also, I love Guy Gavriel Kay. I wish he'd come and tell me bedtime stories every night.