Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Turn a Square

I recently finished the last in a line of several of Brooklyn Tweed's Turn a Square hat. I've knitted five or six of these, one out of Baby Cashmerino, one of knit picks main line for my mom's friend in chemo and the rest out of a mystery worsted weight that I think might be Plymouth Encore. More on the yarn later...

I was burning through these hats, taking at most 3 days to complete one. Then the ids started losing them faster than I could complete them! One went back home with my mom (on purpose) and Liam has managed to hold on to one, but the others have gone. This was disheartening, and I abandoned the last one just before the crown shaping.

Lately I have been itching to start a sweater, however, and I need my size 5 needles to do it. Only I can't find them. This has inspired some serious cleaning and organization of the stash and abandoned projects. Sadly, this project was size 7s, so I'll need to keep digging. Be on the lookout for a blog about some sort of mystery size 5 project soon!

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