Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quilt, Alaska Style

I have accumulated, over the years, craft stuff. Lots and lots of craft stuff. Fabric, clay, paint, soap molds, beads, thread, pliers, buttons and, of course, yarn. I have too much. No one told me I had to much, but I'm really starting to resent the square footage taken up by all this... stuff.

This doesn't stop me from wanting to accumulate more, however. I want a wheel. I see handspun everywhere these days. (Well, at knit night and on blogs. I don't see much at Target, or Costco or my other frequent haunts).

My deal (with myself) is this: Work the stash (not just yarn, but all of it) into a manageable, respectable, small space. When this is done, I will get a spinning wheel. I am still allowing myself to buy stuff, but it counts towards the square footage requirements, so will slow down getting the wheel.

The main culprit is fabric. I used to quilt, years ago, and fabric takes up a ton of space. Finished quilt tops take up a ton of space. And that brings us to today's FO. It's a new quilt for the little dude. This is the first quilt top that I ever finished, back in 99. I wasn't sure that I would like quilting, so I tried it with old jeans and flannel shirts, rather than investing in fabric. It turned out that I did like it, and never got around to finishing this quilt top. I have moved it across the country 4 times, and stored it in each of those houses, but never, ever used it. This weekend I slapped a back on it (also from the stash), took and old, twin sized comforter out of storage and tied it. Technically, this isn't a quilt, but it's close enough. And, it's all out of storage and finally useful!

Most of t6hese were shirts and jeans thta I actually wore, though I picked up the blue flannel shirt (at the top) and the nearly white jeans (by little dude's feet) at the old Valley location of Juneau's Salvation Army. The blue flannel that's in the square with those jeans used to be my favorite shirt. I picked up that one, and the brown, on clearance at Lamont's in Juneau, back in college. The pink was a fitted flannel shirt that I really like back in high school, but was too self conscious to wear much.

I also finished 3 knitted things this weekend, so more blogging to come!


Tikabelle said...

I thought I recognized some of those plaids! Well done! Is there a tiny empty spot in your brain where that quilt top used to be?

tiennie said...

I love quilts like this! I'm not ready to say - I used to quilt - yet. I want to still be that quilter that puts out lots and lots of quilts every year. The knitting has just taken over for awhile.

Crystal said...

Really cute quilt! Great idea for the fabrics, too. I'm trying to finish tying the quilt I've been working on. It's my first quilt, and I think I was a bit too ambitious.