Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cashmere Beast, Slain

I started a second post about the evils of this sweater, but it was getting long and whinier than a roomful of tired preschoolers. So... I'll sum up!

Ways in which this sweater tried to steal my knitting mojo
1. The body of the sweater was difficult to rip out and constantly catching itself in knots.
2. The yoke, while too big, was beautiful and emotionally difficult to rip out.
3. The sleeves, which were salvaged from the original sweater, no longer fit, and also had to be ripped.
4. There was not actually room to finish the colorwork before starting the neck.
5. After the first time I joined the newly knit sleeves to the body, the body was too short and I had to rip back the yoke again.
6. I started the raglan decreases too soon and had to rip back the yoke. Again.

The last time I joined, I tried this thing on every other row, to make sure it was fitting. I got to the neck, tried it on and loved it. Then I bound off...
7. Too tightly. It didn't fit over my head. I pulled out the bind off, and did the EZ sewn bind off (amidst much swearing).

And the kicker? It fits. Like a dream. And I absolutely luuuurve it.

Size 10 needles
Original Pattern - Raglan type, seamless, no picked up stitches. Laziest pattern evah!
Panache yarn by knit picks (now discontinued, but I have way more left than I expected)


Tikabelle said...

Totally cute! I like it!

tiennie said...

It is so cute on you! Definitely worth all that effort!