Friday, March 6, 2009

Cashmerino Stash Buster, Green

It is rather disheartening to unpack every skein and ball from every nook and cranny of my house, sort it all and put away all the stuff that I love, or for which I have Big Plans. This leaves only the culled out bits, some of which goes to charities or Goodwill. Now what's left is the middle children... Things I like, but don't love, things for which I have vague plans, vague interest, but nothing definite. This is what I've been knitting through for the past couple of months and, for a while, I was worried it would kill my knitting mojo. Until I did this...

I have a box of orphaned balls of Cashmerino Aran and other similar yarns. There was some Knit Picks comfy, and some mystery yarn. Basically, if it was soft, worsted weight and non-felting, I tossed it in here. None of which really was enough for a big, solid color project but felt like too much for a bunch of little projects. So I gathered out the greens, a beige and a gold and started in. The green borders are done in moss stitch and the green is leftover skeins from my graduation sweater (which is still not officially finished). The button bands were knitted at the same time, with buttonholes on both sides and the buttons just sewn over the holes on one side. The colors were worked in single stripes, at whim, with a double or triple thrown in every 2-4 stripes.

If you do try this, the Knit Picks comfy worked up slightly differently than the rest (maybe because of it's lack of wool), so I restricted it to single stripes and left the doubles and triples for the other yarns.

I'm currently halfway through the matching hat and still loving the fun striping. I'm pulling the next set of colors out of the box. We're going for blues or purples next!

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