Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Pictorial Clarification

I knit a lot. I knit while playing with my kids, while reading, while we drive to errands at night, playing WoW, while on the phone, while waiting in line (children permitting), while the rest of the family is finishing their dinners. I also knit during the rare quiet nap time, or in the morning with my coffee, or at night while I listen to my husband play guitar.

Because the first set of circumstances occurs much more frequently than the second, I try to always have something mindless on the needles. Prior to the 'spring forward' time changed bemoaned by so many, most of the driving knitting occurred in the dark and necessitated stockinette or plain ribbing. But, I'm not sure that my last post accurately I stressed the stockinette situation. We have...

2nd sock of the House Socks. This is hand dyed knit picks bare, hand dyed. This will be my husband's 2nd pair of hand knit socks, and I love the colors so it's vaguely interesting to knit. The pattern is my own, done from the toe-up, with a gusseted heels that looks a helluva lot like a traditional toe-down sock when you're done. In looking up the link, I can see that I need to update the pattern some. I've knit a half dozen pairs since then and have fine tuned it a bit. The heel is turned in the second sock and now it's just round and round and round until the cuff is done.

2nd sock of the Scattered Showers Sock blank. I usually knit socks on size 3 needles, as I like a looser, less hot fabric. This was my first experiment on smaller needles, and went straight into hibernation after the 1st sock was finished. This is also my own pattern, also dyed by us. The toe is done and it's round and round and round until the heel.

Next up is a sweater that I'm designing. I was considering submitting it somewhere for publication, but I think it's not really original enough. So, I'll publish it here, if there's enough interest. The sleeves are done and we're on to the body. And it's round and round and round (with slight shaping) until the sleeves are attached.

A solution to round and round and round? Cables. Back and forth. I have some more mods stewing around in my brain, and will post them if they work out.

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