Monday, March 23, 2009

Springy Socks

Spring cleaning has struck hard. I've got a house full of relatives scheduled for next month, and I'm determined to have a garden this year. Between those two events (and of course, my two underage assistants), not much else is getting done. We spent much of yesterday at the hardware and garden store, then at home putting our purchases to immediate use. In honor of all this spring work, I've got socks in blues and greens! The patterns are all variations of my own (still not updated, but on its way).1. House socks for Will. They were deemed to have too many colors to wear out of the house, but I loved the colors. I previously blogged them, but finished them on Friday. 235 yds of essential, no longer bare.

2. Scattered Showers sock blank socks. I realize that the entire point of the blanks is to have symmetrical socks, but I would the skeins in opposite directions. I still like the effect. The thing that I didn't account for was the color variation. Due to an utter lack of patience while Sweet Pea and I were dyeing these, I didn't presoak them. Thus, the dye didn't penetrate totally, and made a lovely, almost heathered effect. I adore them. I finished them Sunday night and wore them immediately (hence the low light photos)! 281 yds.
3. Sarge Socks. These are also essential, but not hand dyed and the color deemed boring enough to wear outside the house. These are officially Will's first hand knit socks, but I hadn't gotten around to blogging them yet.

This brings the total to 3498 yds knit this year! I cast on two new projects, but am not sure how much knitting time all this cleaning and gardening will allow!

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