Friday, March 13, 2009

Weighing In

I got one. A scale. Not only do I have it, but it now has batteries, a lovely balsa wood box and it's own dedicated notebook and pen for record keeping. It is a wonderful, fabulous way to quantify how much yarn I actually use. A great way to keep track of how much stash I am actually busting. And I love it.

Now that I have a way to keep track of it, I'm going to set a goal. 12 miles knitted (or spun, if I do get a wheel) this year. That's 21120 yards.

I am co-opting this idea from my fabulous friend Tika, an am also setting a goal of 12 miles. I have no idea how realistic this is, but I'm getting more comfortable setting goals without being 99% sure I can achieve them. I mean, failure is okay sometimes, right? (Hold on, my eye is twitching so hard that I can hardly see).

I've been keeping track of all FOs since 1 jan, 2009 and here are the standings:

I-Cord, No Sew Knucks: 84 yds
Telemark Kids' Mittens: 49 yds
Selbu Cuffed Mitts: 100 yds
Citrus Vines: 431 yds
Telemark Stars Hat, Brown and Blue: 109 yds
Telemark Stars Hat, Purple and Gold: 115 yds
Set In Stars: 475 yds
Manly Silver Scarf: 257 yds
Cashermino Hat, Purple: 84 yds
Sarge Socks: 106 yds
Cashmerino Stashbusting Sweater, Green: 438 yds
Cashmerino Stashbusting Hat, Green: 86 yds
Cashmere Beast: 648 yds

That's 2982 yds. 14% of the way there.

And, in my search for a tracker to put along the side, I decided that this blog needs a major overhaul. More on that to come!

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Tikabelle said...

Oh, see, now you've awakened the Spirit of Competition in me. It's ON now. Excuse me I have 2 sweaters to finish!