Monday, March 16, 2009

WIP it Good

As I cast about for something to blog, I realized that this weekend was terribly short on FOs. After slaying the Cashmere Beast last week, I have had very few interesting things going on with my needles. In fact, after the kids went to sleep on Friday I looked around and realized that I had nothing I wanted to knit.

Well, nothing that was already going. So, I quietly crept back into my room (where Little Dude had finally fallen asleep) and grabbed the yarn and needles for the Pfeiffer Falls Hooded Scarf. The pattern didn't grab me at first, but the more I've thought about it, the more I've been dying to have this particular... accessory. When I was in elementary school, my best friends mom had a hooded scarf like that one, and it seemed genius to me. Just genius. I was 6, but I was dying for one. So, I cast on yet another project.

This post is light on pictures because the computer that I usually use to archive my pictures currently sounds more like a Cessna than a Sony. It's having a well needed rest. Don't worry, the pictures are all backed up elsewhere, but I hope to bring you more interesting fare soon.

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