Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beach Footlets

I began these socks in the car ride to the beach, knitted them at every spare opportunity that weekend, and came home with the 2nd sock very nearly done.

The pattern is Padded Footlets, from Favorite Socks, but I left out the padding and the lace pattern is reversed because I superimposed the chart on my own, toe up sock pattern. The yarn is Risata, in grass and the stripes are done in the Dakota colorway of Felici. This means that each little stripe is a different color, and I really like the effect. The first turned out a little CSU, since the stripe was yellow, but the purple and brown evened it out. They weighed in at exactly 50g, making them 196 yards of the 12 mile quest!

I seem to be on a real sock kick lately. I've ordered 2 more size 2 circs so that I can have one more project going at a time. I think I may order more Risata as well. It's super comfy and cushiony and washes up like none of my other yarns (no pilling, tightening, picking up more cat hair than the broom). The colors are also deeper than the pictures really show.

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Tikabelle said...

Yay, FO's! Your face in that picture is priceless.