Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Big Fat Crush(es)

Right now I've got two. The first is the Codex Alera series by Jim Butcher. I finished book 2 last night and have book three standing by for nap time. This series has me staying up late and even (gasp) setting aside my knitting for hours, reminiscent of my favorite reading obsessions prior to having kids. If you like fantasy, especially character driven epics or those with a Roman flavor, pick these up and set aside a few days.

The second is this sweater. I finished it on Mother's day and wear it at any excuse, despite the warming spring weather. I'll hold off raving about the yarn (Telemark), since I've done that enough already. Well, except to say that the heathered brown is a fabulously beautiful, rich color that remind me of chocolate.

The basic pattern is EZ's Seamless Set-In sleeves from Knitting Workshop. I once again tried p2tog decreases for the sleeve line and love how it turned out. It makes the seam much less visible, which is handy with the colorwork. I added some purl twist edging on the cuffs, but that texture pulled in too much for the waist. Instead, I used moss stitch, which doesn't pull in as much. I also threw in some waist shaping. As usual, I knitted the sleeves first to get gauge, then the body. The first time I knitted the body, it was way too large, but I put it in the naughty basket for a month or so while I worked on other things. Once I frogged it and restarted, it was a really quick knit.

The colorwork design is my own. It's actually the same design that I put in a kids sweater, but done in different colors. I'm planning on making one more, so we can be the dorky family with matching sweaters. I think the different colors make it a little less obvious, but the kids seem to like it. If anyone shows any interest, I might be able to get the whole pattern put together. I like the Seamless Set In sleeves, and really don't think they get enough attention. They're not significantly harder than the raglan shaping and give a nice, fitted look.

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tiennie said...

That is a very lovely design!