Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bright Side of Life

I started today's post, and nothing came out but negatives. I try to subvert that aspect of my personality, as it generally leads to a charming, dark spiral of angst that's unattractive enough on teenagers and I simply don't have time to indulge in myself. Rather than quash it down, I like to follow the advice of those Monty Python boys. Here are a list of things to cheer me up.

1. My graduation sweater is finished. While it is too big and perhaps the most unflattering sweater that I have ever knit, it has given me this fabulous picture. This totally showcases the best part of this sweater, which is where the cable I designed turns a corner at the shoulder to travel across the back. This was accomplished with the help of Elsebeth Lavold's straightforward directions in Viking Patterns for Knitting.
(Details: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, 1004 yards, Original Pattern which I would never inflict on another human being).

2. My kids waking up 2 hours before they usually do meant that I didn't miss the sound of the morning rain on the roof.

3. Any frustrations I have with the kids' resulting crankiness do not have to endure until bedtime, because it is Knit Night and I have a wonderful husband who will take the helm at that point.

4. I really like coffee. I get to drink more today than usual.

5. My kids are still young enough that getting out their favorite toys (Legos and cars) distracts them from how tired and cranky they are.

6. I am still young enough that getting out my favorite toys (knitting and coffee) distracts me from how tired and cranky I am.

7. Curry does not upset my stomach, so I get to have great leftovers for lunch.

8. The fact that I have gained 3 pounds this week means that I am 3 pounds heavier than the weekend, but more than 40 pounds lighter than a year ago at this time.

9. The fact that I can't find the pattern for my Scarf #21 means I'm mentally free to start another lace project.

10. I have an idea for how to use my qiviut in a project that I might actually wear, though I am scared of wearing things that cost over a certain dollar amount.

11. I have yarn for another sweater coming. I am stalking it, via its tracking number, and Ohio is not that far away.

12. Thanks to ravelry and all it's wonderful users, I am fully aware that there are errors in the pattern, that I should alter the pattern to knit in the round and that the resulting sweater is totally worth all the trouble.

13. My local librarians are both nice and smart. They figured out that it was me who returned my own cookbook with a stack of their cookbooks, and called me to tell me. And they didn't even call me dumb for doing it.

See? I'm all cheered up. Cheered up enough to show you the full picture of the sweater. It's not a bad picture, it's a bad sweater.

I may post more details on the sweater tomorrow, but now I'm off to make more coffee and play Legos.


tiennie said...

I don't think the sweater is too bad. Actually pretty! I think you look great though!

Tikabelle said...

8. Dude. Congratulations!

9. That is exactly what that means! I finally started my Faux Russian Stole from A Gathering of Lace!

11. oooOOOOoooo!!! That City Tweed is *gorgeous.* I ordered 2 balls to try out because I'm trying to exercise restraint in some aspects of my life. I mostly fail.

12. So you're just going to steek it and then put in the button bands? Clever girl! Hmm...

Anonymous said...

Love the sweater, love the girl!