Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recent FOs

Things I have completed/achieved since my last post:

1. A garden bed containing two Moondance rose bushes and 4 tomatoes rather than 3 landscape bags full of ivy.
2. My first ever size 6 jeans (bought, not home made, But, dudes, size 6!)
3. A fabulous 4 year old birthday party, during which no one cried, but many ate tasty Costco carrot cake.
4. A wonderful, week+ visit with my mom.
5. A mini-vacation to the beach, in which a delightful time was had by all. Pictures already posted on Facebook.
6. A perfect for me, part time teaching job.
7. Some socks! Imagination, colorway: Frog Prince, size 3 needles, my usual sock pattern, 254 yards used. They're modeled here by my mom, who took them back to Alaska with her, due to their toasty alpaca content.
8. An entire set of world event achievements in WoW (Noblegarden, if you're curious) to get my first WoW title.
9. Several loaves of whole wheat and oats no knead bread, which is totally tasty, totally South Beach diet friendly and waaaay better than any of the tasteless bricks I've managed to make in my bread machine.
10. My toe up, faux heel flap sock pattern edited, converted to a pdf and available for free download on ravelry!

I expected there to be more knitting in this post, as my needles have been flying, but there just isn't! I have several projects near completion, but very little actually finished. I also blame my recently started sock blanket. And a frogged sweater. So, expect more knitting content in the future!

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