Friday, May 15, 2009

Whole Grain Naan

I am an avid reader of labels on packaged foods. In various times of my life I have avoided various things; in high school I was a vegetarian, when Sweet Pea was a baby I avoided all dairy for nearly a year. These days I avoid processed grains, added sugars, partially hydrogenated oils and whatever else strikes my fancy. Part of it is health concerns, but mostly it's just chemical curiosity.

Bread and baked goods have turned up as the biggest violators of whatever I'm trying to avoid (well, except for the meat in high school). I eat less grain products than I used to, but am not willing to give them up entirely. And my kids love bread, crackers, tortillas and I've been looking for a way to get them healthier stuff without spending a fortune at the grocery and going back every day, because the healthy stuff costs more and goes bad faster.

I've experimented with making my own bread, but had very little success (despite a fancy breadmaker). Then I found a great no knead bread idea and, after several searches through the internet and my local library, found this book, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a day. I have made my first batch of dough from this book, and simply love it. The idea book is modular, so you can keep one type of dough on hand and make whatever you need for that day - bread, hamburger buns, bagels or, in this case, Naan!

The Naan has been the fastest, because it doesn't require resting, and it turned out fabulous. I used the King Arthur White Whole Wheat flour that I discovered through Kalyn's Kitchen, and added some Irish Style oats, to make it more whole grain and South Beach Diet friendly.

The book is well written, with fun little stories, but what appeals to me most are the recipes. I've only tried one dough so far, but several of the baking techniques and am in love with it. They're coming out with a second book in the fall, focusing on whole grains, and I'm really looking forward to that. You can also see their blog here.

If you're at all interested in baking, you should totally check out the book. Or keep reading this blog, because I plan on making lots more of it.

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