Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Challah challah challah

I have embraced my absolute lack of Jewish ancestry by making challah. This hasn't stopped me from making Italian, French or Thai food. In fact, were heredity predictive of culinary tastes, we'd likely be eating haggis, braunschweiger and Jello salad. And we don't.

Any way, this bread is totally tasty and makes good sandwiches. It's the recipe out of this book, substituting my favorite flour (white whole wheat) and adding a heaping tablespoon of wheat gluten from Bob's Red Mill. I've still got a bunch of the dough left in the fridge and plan on doing something a little less traditional with it. Stay tuned.

In other news, I have totally finished the best sweater in the world. Details to follow, once we have a fabulous photo session here at Chez Book.


Debbie said...

Brie..its good as French toast.

Kate said...

Mmmmmm...challah. That is one of the only things I miss about dating my half-Jewish ex-boyfriend.