Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Curveball

I don't play baseball, but I am given to understand that curve balls are hard to manage. To me, however, it's a somewhat overused metaphor for generic life challenges. I'd try to think of another, more interesting metaphor for you, dear reader, but frankly I'm a bit too pissy about the current curveball (and the excessive number of commas in that sentence. And the fact that I added some parentheses. But I digress).

The issue? Louet Julias are backordered. Really. I read the email about 5 times. I thought maybe the fact that I had not yet had coffee may have effected my brain. But, no. They're backordered until right before the school year and, not coincidentally, my new job begin. Fah. Of course, I still haven't had coffee, so maybe I'll try it again after the coffee maker earns his keep.

I am a planner. I have been planning on having a spinning wheel sometime in the next week. I have been planning July as a spinning month since about February. I have stashbusted. I have finished big projects (here, here and here). I have cleared out some serious psychic crafting space. I have put off starting new projects or getting very excited about anything. Yesterday I was trying to find something to knit in the car on the way to Little Dude's birthday dinner and very nearly came up short.

I suppose I just need something more interesting to knit. From stash, if I decide I want to keep my order in to get one of this round of wheel. My sadly depleted stash. Maybe another Brigid? Maybe this? Maybe I'll get all my sewing back out...

P.S. Little dude turned 2. There was much cake, silliness and fire truck themed toys. I'll post a picture or two if you're interested. He did not get a spinning wheel.


Tikabelle said...

AAAGH! That SUCKS. The commas and parentheses are warranted, I think! Bleh! If I lived closer I'd loan you one of mine until stupid Louet got their crap together.

And happy birthday to Little Dude. My birthday present to him is the following phrase: "I'm busy, Mommy. Just be patient."

Beth said...

September? Are you sure? Have you checked eBay? WWBD? (what would Buddha do)