Thursday, June 25, 2009


After a day of general malaise induced by spinning-frustration, I dove into a variety of distractions. The sewing machine came back up from the basement. Sewing books went back on hold at the library. I found out what a felled seam was, and didn't even know I needed to know.

See that? It's a buttonhole. Buttonholes are, apparently, quite hard to photograph but ridiculously easy to sew on my machine (A Huskystar C10). At least, once you find the manual. Now I want to put buttonholes in everything. I've put them in all my project bags, so I can run a ribbon through them for closure. Next up? Grommets. Once I find my grommet-pusher-thingie.

I also rearranged the living room furniture and scrubbed out the utterly disgusting fireplace. It had a ridiculous amount of soot in it for not having been used for years before we moved in. I spent much of yesterday engrossed in HGTV activities.

But you know what? I still don't have a wheel.

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vjm said...

Your post inspired me today to get back to my fun table and work on a bead project that's been sitting untouched for months. When Charley dog first arrived he chewed up one of my shoes, so I'm beading the uneaten one. Does that count as "found object" art?
Love your blog.
Love you.