Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Fork in the Path

Today the Blueberry Cardigan and I made a choice. I would either add 'steeks' to its design feature or totally chicken out and change it's name from Blueberry Cardigan to Blueberry Abbreviated Henley. After about 2 inches of colorwork I have gotten quite tired of 1) having the color that I want be on the wrong side of the work when I start a new row and 2) color work on the wrong side. I knit in 2 colors by doing one in my usual 'English thrower' style and the contrasting color in continental style. This goes quite quickly, but I can only knit in continental, not purl. This made the wrong side color work slow, unwieldy and, most importantly, Not Fun.

Solution? I cast on 7 sts, barricaded with stitch markers, to close the gap. When all the knitting is done, I can either be brave and cut the middle stitch to make this a cardigan, or just pick up these edging stitches and make a henley. Right now, I'm planning on brave.

Unrelated (or at least only Vaguely Related):
We didn't read Blueberries for Sal last night, but did enjoy a rousing reading of Jamberry. While the story is not as intricate, there's more rhyming and the kiddos love it.

Summer seems to have arrived here and, despite my best efforts, I don't think I have enough shorts. I am beginning to panic that low rise is going out of style and I will be forced to wear 80s inspired shorts that come up to just under my bustline, making me look even shorter and shorter waisted than I actually am.

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