Sunday, June 28, 2009

Free Form Blueberry Cardigan

Blueberries for Sal has become a regular in our nightly story rotation, and I love it. It reminds me of the fields of blueberries across the street from and in the back yard of the house where I grew up. The mother in the book wears a simple, very 50s plain cardigan. It's light weight, with rubbed cuffs, waist and collar. Every time I see it, I want the cardigan (and the fields of blueberries, but those take longer to grow).

The kids miraculously fell asleep on time last night and we watched a movie with both swearing and violence in it. I wanted to start something new and I pulled out my box of Palette and a size 2 needle. We'll be calling it the Blueberry Cardigan, because it's a little more evocative than the 'Chronicles of Riddick' Cardi.

A bit about the yarn... At some point last summer I decided I wanted to try Palette for a mitts project. I ordered some. Then I ordered a little bit more, when it came back in stock. Then the Sipalu bag kits went on clearance. I don't usually go in for kits, but I really, really wanted that pattern. So... now I have a box of Palette without enough in one color for a solid sweater. There are, however, lots of colors reminescent of Juneau's blueberry fields - green, blues, browns and greys. I'm throwing these together with some raglan shaping and see what comes out the other end!

I skipped the swatch and cast on 144, mainly because that's 12*12 and I'm a math nerd. Here's what I had this afternoon:

I frogged back to the ribbing because I decided against the garter stitch button band that I had started. So now we've got some lovely green (I believe it's technically Edamame) ribbing and I am about to recreate some free form colorwork.

Normally I wouldn't mention anything until I had finished, but I thought I'd start blogging a bit more WIPs.

Unrelated: I finally succeeded in making hot wings and blue cheese dip. In addition to olive oil mayo and low fat cream cheese, it had sauteed onion, Worstershire sauce and garlic salt. Dinner was fantastic.

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Beth said...

I'm glad Blueberries For Sal is still a hit! Can't wait to see the finished product.